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 The primary purpose of each Chapter is to assure that each Oxford House operates in a way that is consistent with the Oxford House Traditions and system of operations as describe in the Oxford House Manual. The guidelines for making a Chapter work are set forth in this manual. Chapters have become the front-line building blocks of quality control and mutual assistance for the continued success of all Oxford Houses. Experience has shown that both the individual houses and Oxford House, Inc. as a whole are more likely to succeed and last if every house belongs to a Chapter.

 When there were just a few Oxford Houses there was no need for Chapters because each Oxford House President was a member of the Board of Directors of Oxford House, Inc. and met once a month in order to share the experience, strength and hope of each house. By 1988, the number of individual Oxford Houses had become so great that it became difficult to have a meeting at which everyone would get a chance to speak. Some longed for the "old days" when there were fewer houses and the combined group of houses was smaller. Others recognized that the success of Oxford House made it clear that there would be more and more houses and there was no turning back the clock.

Three principles underlie the formation and operation of
Oxford House Chapters and explain why individual Oxford
Houses group together to start Chapters:

1) Oxford Houses share their experience,
strength, and hope with each other.

2) The common welfare of Oxford House
requires that all Oxford Houses follow
the conditions of their charter.

3) Oxford House Chapters foster expansion
of the number of Oxford Houses in
order to provide safe, sober, supportive
living environments for a greater number of
individuals recovering from alcoholism and
drug addiction.